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Os responsáveis ​​pela mudança na vanguarda das respostas ao COVID-19. 

Assista a esta série de seminários on-line internacionais sobre racismo, discriminação e exclusão “Inclusão em tempos de COVID-19”

18 May: 6th edition (English, 4.00 pm CEST)

Thematic focus: Why Ethical Considerations Matter in Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic?

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  • Peter-Paul Verbeek (Chair of UNESCO’s World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology)
  • Ames Dhai (Chair of the South Africa National Bioethics Committee)
  • Joseph Beng Mfutso (Chair of the Malawi National Bioethics Committee)
  • Gyonggu Shin (Human Rights and International Advisor, Gwangju City, South Korea)


19 May: 7th edition (English, 4.00 pm CEST)

Thematic focus: Taking Action to End Domestic Violence During Pandemics

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  • Saniye Gülser Corat (Director, Division for Gender Equality, UNESCO)
  • Her Excellency Elena Bonetti (Minister for Equal Opportunities and Family of the Republic of Italy)
  • Snežana Samardžić-Marković (Director General of Democracy, Council of Europe)
  • Humberto Carolo (Executive Director, White Ribbon, Canada)
  • Ângela Melo (Director, Programmes and Policies, Sector for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO)

22 May: 8th edition (English, 4.00 pm CEST)

Thematic focus: Art Lab for Human Rights and Dialogue

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  • Hannah Rose Thomas (Fine Artist and Activist, United Kingdom)
  • Taigue Ahmad (Choreographer, Ndam Se Na & AAD, Chad)
  • Lia Rodriguez (Dancer and Activist, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Jean-Pierre Chrétien-Goni (Artistic Director of Le vent se lève Theatre, Paris, France)
  • Mortaza Behboudi (Photojournalist, Afghanistan | currently working in Moria, Greece)


25 May: 9th edition (English, 4.00 pm CEST)

Thematic focus: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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  • Irma Pineda (Representative of Mexico to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples)
  • Speakers to be confirmed

28 May: 10th edition (English, 4.00 pm CEST)

Co-organized with the United Nations Department of Global Communication

Thematic focus: Confronting Slavery’s Legacy of Racism Together

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  • Lisa Coleman (Senior Vice President for Global Inclusion, Diversity and Strategic Innovation, New York University)
  • Yoann Lopez (Project Manager for Memory issues, Racism and Antisemitism, City of Bordeaux, France)
  • María Elisa Velázquez Gutiérrez (Former President of the International Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Slave Route Project)
  • Webster (Hip-Hop Artist)

Ângela Melo (Director, Programmes and Policies, Sector for Social and Human Sciences, UNESCO)

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